Hello and Welcome to my PhotoJournal

My name is Karina, I’m a storytelling photographer and a content creator based in Boston.

Before coming to the USA I used to live in one of the most romantic and stunning cities — Saint Petersburg, Russia and was working in digital marketing. I always have been 'the girl with the camera', but never thought of becoming a professional photographer until I met my husband. He encouraged me to follow my passion and I turned my hobby into an exciting full-time job. 

I love working in a storytelling genre — I generate creative ideas based on communication with my models and carefully browse for the right location and props. I do editorial, personal branding, equine photography, capture adventure stories, and am always happy to work with families and couples. 

I also work with brands and small businesses as both photographer and content creator. My background in marketing came in handy and I started creating winning visuals for my clients so they can boost their social media accounts and increase sales. Feel free to join me on Instagram @biskop_journal to see their accounts' transformation.

In my free time, you are likely to see me dancing, practicing yoga, doing horse riding, or reading a good book. I love exploring new places, traveling all around the globe, and always trying to get to know the culture of the country I’m traveling to — it’s something that inspires me and boosts my creative flow.

Thanks for stopping by on this page!



Meet & Greet. Karina Biskop |Storytelling photographer | Boston, MA