Hello and Welcome to my PhotoJournal

I’m Karina, a traveling photographer based in Massachusetts.

Before I moved to Boston I had lived in one of the most romantic and stunning cities — Saint Petersburg, Russia and was working in digital marketing. No matter how hard I tried I never actually fit into the corporate world. After years of trying to find a perfect job that would fit my creative spirit (I changed more than 15 positions in different start-ups and high-tech companies) I decided to create one for myself — so I quit office and started my journey as a full-time photographer.

I adore working in the storytelling & documentary genres where I have a space to generate creative ideas, develop artistic concepts for photoshoots, and scout perfect locations. 

In my free time, you are likely to find dancing, practicing yoga, doing horse riding, or reading a good book. I love exploring new places, traveling all around the globe (visited more than 20 countries and 24 states), and always trying to get to know the culture of the country I’m traveling to — it’s something that inspires me and boosts my creative flow.

Thanks for stopping by on this page, I can’t wait to meet you in person!



Meet & Greet. Karina Biskop |Storytelling photographer | Boston, MA